Outstretched, head back, she dances

in the freezing rain

in the midst of the falling…


Lost in the lush


of home

How it sounds like promises

never met, though longed for yet

How it tastes like sin, that skin

Shee never touched

Someday you’ll understand


this is where we




La Fée




© Odyne La Fée 2019




She came like that last summer smile

like that longed-for mile, just before home

whenever you did roam…

that girl all covered in chrome


that girl, that could make you twirl…



That summer girl with autumn

in her eyes

always pretending to be oh-so wise


But you always knew

‘twas just another fateful disguise

and that her true gift lay



just between her



And yet those eyes…


heaving with night

and a thousand unanswered sighs

betrayed every mouthful of delight

she could incite

with her very wicked



That girl… who fled like winter

you, you oh-so terrible hinter…

leaving you and your

eternal mind

to splinter…



La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2019



The Drake

Art by: Joaquin Allen

I sailed out into this vast sea…

yet I forget now… what it is I come to be…

Hung like a scarecrow from a vacant sign

Outlived, outlast, I came too fast for this staggered design


Lined, like paper trails, lanterns in the night

I hear the dragon song

Calling me to flight, out of sight, out into that

Bright sunlight


Fly like the dervish, the wild dervish in me…

But still, how that pain sings,

oh, how it sings in me…

to me…

through me…

Until I disappear into that oh-so-familiar ache

until the only thing calling me back

is that goddamn immortal…



Like some goddamn fairy tale

And a feast every mouth surely would tell…


La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2019

That Last Gasp


She took her last breath

a sweet sip of candied wine

Like yesterday was always fine

After-all, this…

well, this was the reason she’d made the climb


You wicked – wicked mind


A thousand deaths just to get to this one

A braver quest ain’t never begun

Oh… shun her if you will


She’s in you now

Like wool in steel


Tell me, how does it feel?


This last gasp of who she was…

will you recall

Long after she’s in your pause?


Oh that last gasp

Just before the old her is

Finally gone


Come Summer…

Sprawled out across the lawn

She’ll rise again

Just like that pesky dawn



La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018





Here – In the Reeds

wild wood

If breathing comes naturally

then naturally I breathe



Don’t you see by now

there is nothing you

could or not



For only by your happiness

am I completed





For eternal

is my love for you.


Wear it,

discard it,

call it ‘a friend’;

just know… there’s a love

that will always fit

like a glove,

no matter the end.


La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018




IMG_6578 (1)jflsdf

She was that iron phoenix, rising like a storm conjured at the back of a blistered mind; torn by love, torn by hate, torn by a desolate night and an unrelenting sight; that mid-day sun, that starless sky, she was a morning dove’s cry; that mystery, that unrelenting history you could never quite recall, but in her eyes you… you saw it all; the dove, the crow, and the feast they’ll both sow, and the song that was sung the day their hearts were finally won, spun, out under that traveler’s… sun.


La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018

She Flew

she flew

Straight to you, and that southern star

She buried her heart like it was lightening in a jar

Out of nowhere, out of reach

She was the midnight child you could never quite… teach

Like sands, worn by that tidal force

She withstood them all, a painted horse

A solitary discourse

Full of nothing




Why…Like an arrow to its target

You were the mission she could never quite



Hell, even sublet


And that anticipated flood…

Why, it was always the venom in her blood

My turtle dove, my wilting rose…

Why, she flew to you

Like them two old


And you… why of course

You Arose

Like some goddamn sight to be seen

Like some goddamn uncommon thing


You shiny golden ring





La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018










This I Am

This I am

I left it in New Orleans, cursed by that relentless tide
Never to subside
I left it a crumpled mess, just like The Entry and all those
Relentless boys that… tried
Oh mama never said a girl would become as big as all those


Shied, like the devil who fell into a sideways grave
Oh how those days… just won’t behave, when they traipse ‘round
These holy grounds
Hollow… not holy… cuz I just keep trying to empty them
Of all we done
County Cork
Down that road, with that dark-and-fallow fork


Just us kids… not knowin just how shallow
The water really is
Or the depth of his reach
Nor the lessons
Those Quarters, and his ‘no-quarters’… preach
Or the demons they eventually…


Oh dark and troubled days
You’re the death that stalks my ways
And leaves them shudderin’
A shudderin’…


La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018


A Victory of Geometry


The travesty comes in the geometry of lives that never intersect

Never having a chance to dissect, all that makes them breathe

A travesty cast in shadows on unfamiliar streets

For she walks alone, like always

But he… he is the dancing fool, always making romance

With everything he sees


But it was the sorrow trapped within her heart

That propelled him from the very start.


Down by the docks she stalks the night like a prowler

Always looking for a reward, always ambling sea-ward


Towards better days

A release from the endless malaise, and that hollow haze

Out into the ocean she goes… for she knows… there is no potion

That can ever erase the lessons of war

Or that final score

Still to be set

A life, that was the off-set, and there is no re-set,

And no contractual




And yet he looks sky-ward, west-ward, towards

That darkening night, and all of her mystery;

Until the sea… or he… has finally claimed…






La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018




What Heart Is This


You beat like a sunrise on a desert sky

You thrum like the endless ocean tide

You burn like autumn in a northern clime

And yet still you are not mine


Oh, detest me if you will

Tender heart for the pain I instill

Through this terrible dream

A nightmare as beautiful as any seen


Yet what heart is this

That still cannot resist

Forever’s fatal twist

Or fate’s ironic kiss


What heart is this

That ever-survives

Because a stranger

Lives and thrives



La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018









That Loyal Hound

Came like Sunday

Never thinkin’ you’d look my way

A someday that one day

I knew would never come


So I


Danced while people were watching


Sang like no one could hear


Because I


Fade into nothing whenever you weren’t near


So I


Held you in my heart

Right there from the very start

No strings

No tethers

No maybe someday will be better


Till one day…








 © SQP 2018

A Murdered Mime

to the bone redo

Today I sat with Kierkegaard and Tolstoy… Nietzsche was there too… as was Plath, and Woolf.  And just like we were all old friends we sat and talked over my afternoon tea and a contemplative smoke.  And together we wandered in the malaise that was, and is, life.  And I wondered at all the brilliance, despite the darkness that seemed to haunt every thought, as well as the darkness that lingered… despite the harsh afternoon sun.  And well… I saw then… all of them… the paths we had yet to wander, and the thoughts we had yet to ponder… and yet… in the seeing… was utterly devastated.  For I saw then, what I had ever-refused before, a path that led you not here, to my waiting door… oh, how I had thought… and in that surety knew… what our eager hearts would do.  But this… this bitter consideration was something new.  What then did my aged advisors tell me to do?  What conjure did they claim would ward-off this devastating blow?  Why… they were as dumb and as deaf as a murdered mime, and their words rang with the hollow bitterness of time.  But in their wretched silence gave a clue of just what a woman can do…


La Fée


 © Odyne La Fée 2018


It Should Burn

Cheers Blind Confusion by Joaquin Allen

It should burn, like a fire
a raging desire,

as hot as any sun

It should consume, at a touch

It should feel like it’s nearly

too much

Don’t stop

Never let it stop

Never let it stop

Once begun
it will drive you to new heights
and depths… oh the depths you will plumb

Ten thousand directions
and when you know… La Fée
you’ll know them all
as one

It should ache,

like a famine,
a toothache examined,

and then reexamined

It should hurt,

and throb,

and drive you
to distraction
but give you traction

compel you into… action

for the rapture

the seizure

you know follows the fever

Oh misbeliever,
what meager dreams
what petty schemes
have you locked in at the


when all along…
just there…. at your fingertips…
an entire



La Fée
© Odyne La Fée 2018