of course now you come


Of course now you come,
high there on your horse.
Its taken you further, further than you ever thought you should go.
Could, of course Could
because that was the way, until it weren’t.
Until someone asked you to stay
Oh way-ward fucking heart… tear me mine, and mine again
and when you whisper… like time caught up in cotton sheets just to make them fine
well, go on and damn these tears of mine that fall,
fall e’er forever for I have erred so many, many times.
And you here now, put nail to coffin,
put pliers to nut.
You my passion, my intersection,
oh… the reception I never did truly trust
and so I did rust here on my dirty little hinges
creaking instead of speaking,
a head outta time.
La Fée
©  Odyne La Fée 2018