Draw From You


Sucked, like venom from a wound,
I draw from you
the rage you’ve worn like skin.
And oh, hasn’t it chafed until you
couldn’t possibly let anyone in.
Finger-tip to finger-tip
I breathe it all in,
the dust, the rust, the
compelling you to combust;
until without a shell,
without that pre-supposed hell…
you’re all shiny and new.
How long since you met you?
And still I suck,
drawing poison from a well…
all those morals and judgements
that lined your prison cell.
Isn’t it time your false idols fell?
What lies beneath is the man I want
to behold,
for beneath
is a story
to be told.

La Fée


I came upon you dreaming


I came upon you dreaming, yet an angel I am not

so verily I slipped between the sheets to steal  your wayward thoughts

To mine, and mine alone

I made them, and turned them

and watched as they have grown

Oh you sweet, sweet man, how could you ever have known?

I came upon you breathing, that sweet, naked-breath of dawn

so verily I vowed to create a dark and terrible pawn

By tooth, by tongue

by a sinister grace

ounce by ounce my darkness you embraced

But you were naive to think my appetite could ever be outpaced.

So I left you seething, and full of that terrible need

I left you entrenched in that slick and sultry greed

But if you find me


this hunger I’ll feed

La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018