Draw From You


Sucked, like venom from a wound,
I draw from you
the rage you’ve worn like skin.
And oh, hasn’t it chafed until
you couldn’t possibly let anyone in.
Finger-tip to finger-tip
I breathe it all in,
the dust, the rust, the
compelling you to combust;
until without a shell,
without that pre-supposed hell…
you’re all shiny and new.
How long since you met you?
And still I suck, drawing poison from a well…
all those morals and judgements
that lined your prison cell.
Isn’t it time your false idols fell?
What lies beneath is the man I want
to behold,
is a story
begging to be told.


La Fée


Dolus Annon


A life without pain would seem a shame
for the master would lose her pupil
and all the evils of the world quadruple
In love, in life, and especially death
pain hides behind every breath
a whispered warning that comes too late
it springs upon us through any open gate
Yet stroll awhile in her shade
and everything comes to light
Her touch, when mastered
also produces


La Fée



He is the unbroken one, the outspoken one,
the oaken one with famine in his eyes;
and how he hates all of the lies, and the shit      
they supply.
A gravity behind the disguise, pulls him towards the sun
where he’ll be undone,
under the gun he cannot run, but falls, falls into a restless wind,
where all thoughts rescind and memories… thinned.
He’s a wanderer, a ponderer, and a lonely launderer of dirty deeds
and darker needs, and yet… all passions sought and bought are eventually sold.
He tells himself he’s not too old, denies it ‘til he’s distraught.
But it’s all been for naught, for it’s he whose been caught.
For the night is fraught for the querulous cowboy,
the envoy,
who can’t seem to enjoy, or employ all the wilder things,
imaginings often brings,
even when his lonely heart sings.

La Fée


sky-lights-space-dark.jpgHer womb is the room you can’t escape, yet you try to reshape, the billions of atoms that tore you apart, spread out from the start, when a single sound pulled the dawn from your heart, and gave you this start, upon this life of strife, balanced on the blade of a knife, cast out into the universe, where there is no reverse, only a hearse in the end, to bring you back again, to the womb, the room, you can’t escape, her velvet embrace, her eternal grace, where you’ve nothing to crave, a slave, you try to be brave for the day it happens once more, and you’re sent out to explore, spilled forth, a wave, screaming across the ocean, a wild and intoxicating potion, of fierce dreams, and mad and impassioned streams of consciousness, relentlessness, racing across the emptiness, yet she’s all you grieve, and from her you cleave all that you believe, and this naked life, full of strife, balanced on the blade of a knife, is never enough, no matter how tough, and your barren disguise, it won’t help you realize the magic between her thighs, yet it’s where you belong, feel strong, can do no wrong, but here or there, and everywhere, the sound of her heart ringing in the air, signals a parting from her care, and her eternal gift, is this perennial rift of a broken soul, trying to be made whole, union, fusion, in her welcoming embrace, where you can hone your throne for eternity, in solidarity, and spiritual singularity.


La Fée


My Witness



All I have to offer is my silence, my witness, my non-participation in this life, in this dance, waiting on a chance, to breathe, to dream, to take a bold and audacious theme, out into the world, hurled, spiraling into infinity, where someone might ask my name, my shame, can’t hide what’s on my face, can’t hide this disgrace you’ve given me, for all the world to see, it’s captivated me, cannibalized the parts you see, I stand against a wall, with nothing to offer but my silence, my witness, my non-participation in this life, this dance, with no hope for romance, I’m slipping away, a ghost that can no longer stay, you’ve stripped away the best parts and left only the scars that are choking me, I can’t breathe, can’t dream, can’t make a bold and audacious theme, to save my life, this empty race is just a face to show the world, where I’ve been hurled, yet they’d rather I disappear, was never here.  And all I can give is my will to live, as it crumbles on the floor, can’t take any more, can’t smooth it out, get the wrinkles out, there is no doubt what lies beneath is my funeral sheath, for beauty was my only crime, but you desired that which was mine, wanted, needed, I was destined to be devoured, the whole world soured, taking, corrupting, bleeding beauty can be so disruptive, and then it’s gone, and while you yawn, I’m left to seep, to weep, in a heap, Now I’m running for the door, can’t take any more, the silence bursting my seams, I have to murder my impossible dreams, they’ll never forgive me your awful crime, this prison of yours will forever be mine.


La Fée


Winter’s Fall

pexels-photo-989785.jpegIt was your fear of me that kept the truth from your eyes,
kept me in this guise.
Clouded by misconception, colored by mistruth,
you designed an imperfect impression that makes you neither wise nor a sleuth.
You saw only my long blond hair, strong lean legs, my ample breast,
And from there You devised the rest.
And only after you had traveled the length of me, did you settle upon my eyes…
Tell me… were you really so surprised
to see I do not share your misgivings and insecurity?
Rather I announce quiet confidence, pride, and felicity.
Yet eager lasciviousness burns white-hot in your mind,
But make no mistake – it is not mine.
To the marrow you believe me wicked, vile, and unkempt;
A messenger of Satan meant only to tempt.
How dangerous, my satin soft thighs;
how they kiss when I move, and speak in gentle sighs.
Licentious lust explodes your mind.
when August flames are so terribly inclined.
My breasts heave, my nipples grow hard,
how they press against your chimerical guard…
Yet, I haven’t done a thing.
And this war of yours is as futile as winter’s dance with spring.


La Fée


To The Bone


I am not that.  She says.

Yet she stands here like stone

all alone

bore deep into bone.


She swims while you drown.

You just can’t keep a woman like her down.

Cuz like the dark river she’ll rise

and with a shiver and some pleasing lies

she’ll break upon your land

your levies just can’t stand.


Already you’re falling apart,

excavating that cadaver’s heart.

Yet she stands there like stone

while you’re all alone,

bitterly unknown.


Tell me, have you got yourself some sand?

Cuz honey, life was made to command.

And no matter the division, nor revision,

an eternity alone will surely turn you

into a monument of stone,

when she’s in you…

to the bone.



La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018

I came upon you dreaming


I came upon you dreaming, yet an angel I am not

so verily I slipped between the sheets to steal  your wayward thoughts

To mine, and mine alone

I made them, and turned them

and watched as they have grown

Oh you sweet, sweet man, how could you ever have known?

I came upon you breathing, that sweet, naked-breath of dawn

so verily I vowed to create a dark and terrible pawn

By tooth, by tongue

by a sinister grace

ounce by ounce my darkness you embraced

But you were naive to think my appetite could ever be outpaced.

So I left you seething, and full of that terrible need

I left you entrenched in that slick and sultry greed

But if you find me


this hunger I’ll feed

La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018

Rage No. 1


Tell me, where has all your rage gone?

Theirs plays out like cheap Internet porn

24/7, for all the world to see.

Yet, we are not so different, them from we.

And that shelf-life on their propaganda - well,

it's worn itself thin.

So, tell me... where's all your rage been?

I laugh now because I know.

I laugh now because weren't we instructed to never let it show?

Yet driven deep into hiding, it festered within.

Such a sad and pathetic and unnurtured thing...

not at all the champion ring

of a father's dreams.

But funny things these dark, dank-little holes...

a spark is all it takes before

the whole thing blows.


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018