Those Azure Eyes

Azure Eyes

His Eyes came in cruel waves,

involuntarily, I know,

for he could not, not now,

nor never would,

truly understand their blow.


That once I knew those eyes,

once, a very long, long time ago;

a millennia or more,

upon a distant shore;

how they’d brought me to all fours.


By seven I knew,

and at every age – as I grew,

they’d been there, haunting my sleep,

and in them ancient secrets making me weep.


For our lives are not, and have never been

held fast to time, and place,

yet I believe no one could misplace

the visceral recognition upon either face.


For in that meeting we both knew

that fate and time had once again made do,

yet this time, didn’t I see a glimmer of something new?


And I wondered, just for a moment, if fate

was something we could at long last abate.


Or would those azure eyes

once again bring about my bloody demise?


La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018




Live, life of mine, like a torch upon the wind

Blow, bright, unfettered, and all sin we’ll rescind

Fill the sky with your impassioned cries

Forgive yourself all your lies

Crawl, if you can’t walk, I’ll carry you

Fast or slow, my strength will see you through

With empty arms or laden still

There’s living and then there’s the thrill

So dance, and twirl, and spill your juice

With your demons call your truce

Cuz the world’s capricious grace

Is a feast we should all embrace


La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018


When We Lived In A Wild Wood The World Was Perfect

wild wood


Tamed by well-informed hands, she was the lover you first knew; splayed open and vulnerable, she allowed you to plum her lush and mysterious depths.

Giving of her mysteries only once you’d learned the secret language of her hills, and her valleys; once their stories became the histories of your tales.

But your hands grew cold, and your teeth grew jagged, as your hunger grew ever so cruel; and with your insatiable need, and your shameless and calamitous greed, you supplanted all that was perfect and instead replaced it with a rotten and repugnant seed.

La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018