CompelledI traced my heart upon the sky…

But you were there…

With that twinkle in your eye


I went fishin for that ever-after dream

But you were there…

Just floatin down the stream


Oh my tender heart

Was poisoned

From the very start


But isn’t that your theme

Your scheme to keep everything clean


A million loves

Yet none’s the one

Nothing’s begun…

And nothing’s ever done


Till that one day

Some day

That lion-heart is finally won


Out on some highway

Some byway


Oh why can’t you come

My way

Into my fray

I swear…

You’d be ever-so compelled

To stay



La Fée




©  Odyne La Fée 2018



Now You Shudder


Oh how you roll from the back of my tongue

An endless question, barely begun


Like spinning wheels and galaxies

Like a rapturous disease

Or an unease

To plague my mind, body, and soul

Goddamn, how your eyes take their toll…

And those demons they extol…

Come now… it’s like a siren song

That devil horn, that unholy gong

Callin me from my seaward home

With that dark-worded tome

Those sinister sounds

That tear the Dark Fae from their mounds

And oh how she arose

To feast upon your mighty woes

Such tender flesh made rent

A lifetime you have spent

Building up those walls

Tell me, how fast they crumble with each of your squalls

My tender bud, my wilting flower

Now’s the time you give up that power

You never really had

Cuz thinkin so’s just gone-on and made ya sad

My devil dog, my ferocious beast

Ain’t it time you sat down to this feast?


La Fée


 ©  Odyne La Fée 2018







Mount 2He is the unbroken one, the outspoken one,

the oaken one with famine in his eyes;

and how he hates all of the lies, and the shit

they supply.


A gravity behind the disguise, pulls him towards the sun

where he’ll be undone,

under the gun he cannot run, but falls, falls into a restless wind,

where all thoughts rescind and memories… thinned.


He’s a wanderer, a ponderer, and a lonely launderer of dirty deeds

and darker needs, and yet… all passions sought and bought are eventually sold.


He tells himself he’s not too old, denies it ‘til he’s distraught.

But it’s all been for naught, for it’s he who’s been caught.


For the night is fraught for the querulous cowboy,

the envoy,

who can’t seem to enjoy, or employ all the wilder things,

imaginings often brings,

even when his lonely heart sings.


La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018














Tender you

Oh, how I render you



A stumbling bumble of

Babbling bits

I slay you

But never betray you

Display you

As you’ve never been shown before

Push you through that

Unhinged door

It’s time darling…

You learned how to explore

La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018

I Dare You


You fear
Because she knows
That dark and tangled path
Your heart chose

But still you dare not go

Alone, and she ensnares you
She down-right dares you
To let that demon show
So its blessings it can bestow

But your conditioned belief
Instead offers relief
So you don’t have to think
Have another drink…


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018



The Wife of Bath's Tale by Henry Fuseli (1741-1825)

You left me here

And while you were gone

The terrors did come

Did multiply

Until the sky went away

Taking with it, the memory

Of your smile


You return to me

To find I’m not the same

Not at all

Can you peel away

The memories

That replaced

My soul


What shadows do you see

In the mind’s-eye

Staring back at you

Stay away

I can’t

Won’t make time or my mind



I climbed the length

Of my soul

To get out of this hole

And on the precipice sit

But no horizon do I see

Only hear that eternal call

Of the fall…

How it holds me now…



La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018

The Narcissist


You thought you knew the secret wishes of my tender heart

Yet a thousand words without a question, is such a terrible start

You call it obsession, but it’s really suppression, of all but what you hope I’ll be

Tell me, what glamour is it that you see?


You thought you spoke a mysterious tongue

Noble and gentle like a wedding song sung

But slippery words are the devil’s work, and now… her work’s begun


For she sees in you that inward gaze

How it colors all your lovelies in such a tarnished haze

You, and your scrumptious malaise

Mmmm You didn’t know… that’s just my sort of craze


So darlin’, sit back and relax, I’ve got some entertaining to do

And try not to mind the sting when I chew

Oh, baby didn’t you know…

A narcissist is just sorta man I love to pursue?


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018

Doesn’t It

wet woman knees

Doesn’t it just go on-and-on

Like my love for you

A devastation hidden from view

With nothing anybody can do


Doesn’t it just go on-and-on

Past where reason belongs

Past right and wrong

A train that’s missed the station

While I sat in bemused contemplation


Doesn’t it just go on-and-on

This infatuation, with no salutation,

Permeation, or reciprocation

A comedy made tragedy – simply through boredom

They need to call a post-mortem.


Doesn’t it just go on-and-on

That zest for life

Despite being balanced on the blade of a knife

Because cut either way…

I guess we all enjoy the play


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018


Time’s Come

man knees

I feel you… closer than ever, that creep-crawly way of yours

always draggin’ you… closer.  That scent on the wind, and I taste you,

anticipate you, and all that screaming you’ll do.

Oh come now, you always knew

that’s where we’ve been

headin’ to.


It takes its toll, that driving need, that fermenting seed,

that mindless deed.  Why my handsome steed, I see how weak in the knees,

how slick in the disease, you’ve become.  Out-strung, and yet still unwrung.

Like there’s not much more song to be sung

but you’ve hardly even begun.


But these… these are the days of miracle and splendor,

and it’s time you became that contender

that you so eloquently engender.  Before time marks you-out as just a pretender…

provender made of yesterday’s news…

a lovely, yet antiquated muse.


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018