Now You Shudder


Oh how you roll from the back of my tongue

An endless question, barely begun


Like spinning wheels and galaxies

Like a rapturous disease

Or an unease

To plague my mind, body, and soul

Goddamn, how your eyes take their toll…

And those demons they extol…

Come now… it’s like a siren song

That devil horn, that unholy gong

Callin me from my seaward home

With that dark-worded tome

Those sinister sounds

That tear the Dark Fae from their mounds

And oh how she arose

To feast upon your mighty woes

Such tender flesh made rent

A lifetime you have spent

Building up those walls

Tell me, how fast they crumble with each of your squalls

My tender bud, my wilting flower

Now’s the time you give up that power

You never really had

Cuz thinkin so’s just gone-on and made ya sad

My devil dog, my ferocious beast

Ain’t it time you sat down to this feast?


La Fée


 ©  Odyne La Fée 2018






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