This I Am

This I am

I left it in New Orleans, cursed by that relentless tide
Never to subside
I left it a crumpled mess, just like The Entry and all those
Relentless boys that… tried
Oh mama never said a girl would become as big as all those


Shied, like the devil who fell into a sideways grave
Oh how those days… just won’t behave, when they traipse ‘round
These holy grounds
Hollow… not holy… cuz I just keep trying to empty them
Of all we done
County Cork
Down that road, with that dark-and-fallow fork


Just us kids… not knowin just how shallow
The water really is
Or the depth of his reach
Nor the lessons
Those Quarters, and his ‘no-quarters’… preach
Or the demons they eventually…


Oh dark and troubled days
You’re the death that stalks my ways
And leaves them shudderin’
A shudderin’…


La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018


A Victory of Geometry


The travesty comes in the geometry of lives that never intersect

Never having a chance to dissect, all that makes them breathe

A travesty cast in shadows on unfamiliar streets

For she walks alone, like always

But he… he is the dancing fool, always making romance

With everything he sees


But it was the sorrow trapped within her heart

That propelled him from the start.


Down by the docks she stalks the night like a prowler

Always looking for a reward, always ambling sea-ward


Towards better days

A release from the endless malaise, and that hollow haze

Out into the ocean she goes… for she knows… there is no potion

That can ever erase the lessons of war

Or that final score

Still to be set

A life, that was the off-set, and there is no re-set,

And no contractual




And yet he looks sky-ward, west-ward, towards

That darkening night, and all of her mystery;

Until the sea… or he… has finally claimed…






La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018






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I roll the disappointment around my tongue…

Like yesterday’s milk left out in the sun

Oh how you reek of things never begun

A person who forgot how to be…





Fail me now you bitter thing

For you are as flimsy as the promises you sling


Because night has come to swallow you whole


For into that bottomless pit, you stole

Into that tiny little pinhole

You call life





I see it now

as clearly as if

I were









Remind me again…

That taste of your fear

Whenever life comes too near





And just so we are clear…


That fear


Was always








You bore me to death


For you are as bereft of color as that vintage pose

For I see in you now…

there was never anything to expose


No mystery


Beneath all that…





La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018

Come Again


Past has come again, like night haunts the day

“Turn”, I tell it, “please turn away”

Those days were never meant to stay


I was a prisoner, in a system that wrote

Words upon the sky

A slave, I never questioned why


But then came the night sky…

And oh… how he twinkled so bright

Like diamonds sprinkled into

My corner of hell

And so for him… a thousand demons I did fell…


But rise, and rise again, they come like

The jinn, with whispered dreams of things so sweet

And to my starving eyes they do look the treat

But death lies in their wake

And their thirst… will never slake

Until finally I break

An empty coffin

And an endless heartbreak


La Fée


 ©  Odyne La Fée 2018






That girl… she were a mimic

So slick make your head tick, make them digits click

And by-golly… that tongue they did… lick

Like Lolly

Till she was singin so sweet…


But don’t forget… the sweat of her meet

Ain’t just a candied… treat.


Piles and piles of what used to be

miles and miles

Of reems…

Of cotton-pickin’ dreams

Schemes you forgot weren’t exactly clean


So find yourself another mark

This one’s gone and stole the microphone

From the shark.


La Fée


 ©  Odyne La Fée 2018


I am not that

To the stars I’ve fallen a slave,
and that swath of Milky Way…
how it begs me now to stay.
Yet untethered…
untethered… I stray,

into the light that always betrays
my scars.
I’ve carried them all
so very far.

So let me rest my head
here for a while…
for I think I’ve forgotten
how to smile…


La Fée


 ©  Odyne La Fée 2018


Mount 2He is the unbroken one, the outspoken one,

the oaken one with famine in his eyes;

and how he hates all of the lies, and the shit

they supply.


A gravity behind the disguise, pulls him towards the sun

where he’ll be undone,

under the gun he cannot run, but falls, falls into a restless wind,

where all thoughts rescind and memories… thinned.


He’s a wanderer, a ponderer, and a lonely launderer of dirty deeds

and darker needs, and yet… all passions sought and bought are eventually sold.


He tells himself he’s not too old, denies it ‘til he’s distraught.

But it’s all been for naught, for it’s he who’s been caught.


For the night is fraught for the querulous cowboy,

the envoy,

who can’t seem to enjoy, or employ all the wilder things,

imaginings often brings,

even when his lonely heart sings.


La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018



The Wife of Bath's Tale by Henry Fuseli (1741-1825)

You left me here

And while you were gone

The terrors did come

Did multiply

Until the sky went away

Taking with it, the memory

Of your smile


You return to me

To find I’m not the same

Not at all

Can you peel away

The memories

That replaced

My soul


What shadows do you see

In the mind’s-eye

Staring back at you

Stay away

I can’t

Won’t make time or my mind



I climbed the length

Of my soul

To get out of this hole

And on the precipice sit

But no horizon do I see

Only hear that eternal call

Of the fall…

How it holds me now…



La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018


me 3

Amor est in domum suam.


Mother didn’t braid my hair.  There were no ribbons and no bows.

Cuz mother didn’t know how to let her light show.


And father… well he didn’t know… or maybe care to protect.

For father didn’t understand that ‘girl’ didn’t mean object.


Home then became a desolate place, I tried desperately to erase.

And love… well that became the coup de grâce.


Until I learned, that love and home is what you embrace – not blood or birthplace.


La Fée



©  Odyne La Fée 2018

Came for… me

broken cass statue

When night came for

innocence, I turned my head to the right,

for I thought to keep it out of sight.


When cold-steel claimed

naivety, well… I buried each scream in song;

for wrought in melody

can anything be

entirely wrong.


When the bitter winds stole

surety, why… I turned my trembling to hate;

for only then did it truly abate.


But when the shadows consumed

sweetness, when not even an ounce of it did survive,

why… twas then darlin’… La Fée came alive.




La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018

Broken Thing

Broken Thing

He’s broken and I know

Things he lets show give him away

still I tell him “stay…”


He cries at night when he thinks no one can hear

but I’ve got an ear, for this type of thing

so I come awake just to watch him sting


I drown in his grief, like it’s some

kind of relief, and it makes me ache all the more

for him… what dark path would I not explore?


And oh… how his suffering ensnares me

and his cries… an unholy prayer to Thee

engenders a virtuous need in me, and yet…

it’s a vulturous greed

that takes seed

La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018




Fast now

as fast as you

can, this girl

has ran

Fast now and

we’ll all pray

The world is melting,

going away

From iceberg

to iceberg

a suicide

of biblical

proportions, made mythical

It’s fast now

fast as you

ran, sniff the flowers

while you can

Remember the towers

These evil powers

make us run

out into a blazing sun

when all we need

in nature’s seed

They’re killing thee

You’ll see..

with their boundless

foundless greed


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018