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She was that iron phoenix, rising like a storm conjured at the back of a blistered mind; torn by love, torn by hate, torn by a desolate night and an unrelenting sight; that mid-day sun, that starless sky, she was a morning dove’s cry; that mystery, that unrelenting history you could never quite recall, but in her eyes you… you saw it all; the dove, the crow, and the feast they’ll both sow, and the song that was sung the day their hearts were finally won, spun, out under that traveler’s… sun.


La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018

What Heart Is This


You beat like sunrise on a desert sky

You thrum like the endless ocean tide

You burn like autumn in a northern clime

And yet still you are not mine


Oh, detest me if you will

Tender heart for the pain I instill

Through this terrible dream

A nightmare as beautiful as any seen


Yet what heart is this

That still cannot resist

Forever’s fatal twist

Or fate’s ironic kiss


What heart is this

That ever-survives

Because a stranger

Lives and thrives



La Fée


© Odyne La Fée 2018








A Murdered Mime

to the bone redo

Today I sat with Kierkegaard and Tolstoy… Nietzsche was there too… as was Plath, and Woolf.  And just like we were all old friends we sat and talked over my afternoon tea and a contemplative smoke.  And together we wandered in the malaise that was, and is, life.  And I wondered at all the brilliance, despite the darkness that seemed to haunt every thought, as well as the darkness that lingered… despite the harsh afternoon sun.  And well… I saw then… all of them… the paths we had yet to wander, and the thoughts we had yet to ponder… and yet… in the seeing… was utterly devastated.  For I saw then, what I had ever-refused before, a path that led you not here, to my waiting door… oh, how I had thought… and in that surety knew… what our eager hearts would do.  But this… this bitter consideration was something new.  What then did my aged advisors tell me to do?  What conjure did they claim would ward-off this devastating blow?  Why… they were as dumb and as deaf as a murdered mime, and their words rang with the hollow bitterness of time.  But in their silence gave… a much-needed clue.


La Fée


 © Odyne La Fée 2018


It Should Burn

Cheers Blind Confusion by Joaquin Allen

It should burn, like a fire
A raging desire, as hot as any sun
It should consume, at a touch
It should feel like it’s nearly too much
Don’t stop
Never let it stop
Never let it stop
Once begun
It will drive you to new heights
And depths… oh the depths you will plumb
Ten thousand directions
And when you know… La Fée
You’ll know them all
As one

It should ache, like a famine
A toothache examined, and then reexamined
It should hurt, and throb, and drive you
To distraction
But give you traction
Compel you into… action
For the rapture
The seizure
You know follows the fever
Oh misbeliever,
What meager dreams
What petty schemes
Have you locked in at the seams?
When all along…
Just there…. at your fingertips…
An entire regime?


La Fée
© Odyne La Fée 2018




I am not that

To the stars I’ve fallen a slave,
and that swath of Milky Way…
how it begs me now to stay.
Yet untethered…
untethered… I stray,

into the light that always betrays
my scars.
I’ve carried them all
so very far.

So let me rest my head
here for a while…
for I think I’ve forgotten
how to smile…


La Fée


 ©  Odyne La Fée 2018


CompelledI traced my heart upon the sky…

But you were there…

With that twinkle in your eye


I went fishin for that ever-after dream

But you were there…

Just floatin down the stream


Oh my tender heart

Was poisoned

From the very start


But isn’t that your theme

Your scheme to keep everything clean


A million loves

Yet none’s the one

Nothing’s begun…

And nothing’s ever done


Till that one day

Some day

That lion-heart is finally won


Out on some highway

Some byway


Oh why can’t you come

My way

Into my fray

I swear…

You’d be ever-so compelled

To stay



La Fée




©  Odyne La Fée 2018



Doesn’t It

wet woman knees

Doesn’t it just go on-and-on

Like my love for you

A devastation hidden from view

With nothing anybody can do


Doesn’t it just go on-and-on

Past where reason belongs

Past right and wrong

A train that’s missed the station

While I sat in bemused contemplation


Doesn’t it just go on-and-on

This infatuation, with no salutation,

Permeation, or reciprocation

A comedy made tragedy – simply through boredom

They need to call a post-mortem.


Doesn’t it just go on-and-on

That zest for life

Despite being balanced on the blade of a knife

Because cut either way…

I guess we all enjoy the play


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018


That Loyal Hound

That Loyal Hound


If ever there was such a breed, surely it was she.  That singular bitch, that inescapable itch…
Why without her could you even breathe?  Oh, wreathed in flame she welcomed you, like you
were all shiny and new, even as your eye-teeth grew… That loyal hound, that singular bitch, that
ever-after tilt to your switch… seems you’ve finally met your match… so why fight the inevitable catch?

La Fée



©  Odyne La Fée 2018

That Midnight Ride

country road


That midnight ride, out into the country side, when you thought you were all alone, I was there. 

Like that whispered dream at morning’s seam, or that tenderness you could never quite place. 

That gentle gale, that mysterious perfumed inhale, why even that trepidation upon your lips… oh my darling, it was always the ghost of my hips.

How deep in your belly, a bowl full of jelly, whenever you looked upon my face, cuz you knew, deep in your bones, in all those yet unheard moans, I was the one to unravel you. 

My love, mi amore, my ravenous conquistador.


La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018

Antithesis of Death

I’ve seen the death you cradle in your eyes, and I know that nothing can soothe its god-awful cries
A phantasm longed for, yet repulsed just the same, it’s the darkness that brings only loneliness and shame
This hunger for blood, this hunger for pain, why it’s the demon that drives you out into the pouring rain
Yet there is a place where death goes to die, a place where a man can face all that he’d deny
A darkness as natural as the roots beneath your feet, a darkness filled with the sweetest of heat
And here in its womb you’ll find a natural fit, the antithesis of death, this primordial split


La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018