Wild Ocean Tides

Wild Ocean Tides

A sweet embrace is a hollow grave

it’s something darker that I crave

Dead already, I can hardly feel

I need magic to spin, and make me reel

I need the shadows in your eyes

I need, and want you in every guise

So turn off that preacher, we know he lied

Turn off that politician and his fetishes decried

I want your demons, and the secrets they hold

I want your passions, both dangerous and bold

I need to have you, just as I please

So I’ll drag you out to violent seas

where you can rip, and tear, and beat your wings

until shaking and quaking your heart sings

On a ship, left adrift, there’s nothing too far

love should be wild and bizarre

But stuck in the harbor, life quickly becomes tragic

So instead, I go in search of your dark of magic

Because wild and unsure, I’ll never be demure

and to ration my passion, well… that would be such an unseemly fashion

So I’ll don the darkness, and all that it hides

out here among the wild ocean tides


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018





Live, life of mine, like a torch upon the wind

Blow, bright, unfettered, and all sin we’ll rescind

Fill the sky with your impassioned cries

Forgive yourself all your lies

Crawl, if you can’t walk, I’ll carry you

Fast or slow, my strength will see you through

With empty arms or laden still

There’s living and then there’s the thrill

So dance, and twirl, and spill your juice

With your demons call your truce

Cuz the world’s capricious grace

Is a feast we should all embrace


La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018


of course now you come


Of course now you come,
high there on your horse.
Its taken you further, further than you ever thought you should go.
Could, of course Could
because that was the way, until it weren’t.
Until someone asked you to stay
Oh way-ward fucking heart… tear me mine, and mine again
and when you whisper… like time caught up in cotton sheets just to make them fine
well, go on and damn these tears of mine that fall,
fall e’er forever for I have erred so many, many times.
And you here now, put nail to coffin,
put pliers to nut.
You my passion, my intersection,
oh… the reception I never did truly trust
and so I did rust here on my dirty little hinges
creaking instead of speaking,
a head outta time.
La Fée
©  Odyne La Fée 2018