It Should Burn

Cheers Blind Confusion by Joaquin Allen

It should burn, like a fire
A raging desire, as hot as any sun
It should consume, at a touch
It should feel like it’s nearly too much
Don’t stop
Never let it stop
Never let it stop
Once begun
It will drive you to new heights
And depths… oh the depths you will plumb
Ten thousand directions
And when you know… La Fée
You’ll know them all
As one

It should ache, like a famine
A toothache examined, and then reexamined
It should hurt, and throb, and drive you
To distraction
But give you traction
Compel you into… action
For the rapture
The seizure
You know follows the fever
Oh misbeliever,
What meager dreams
What petty schemes
Have you locked in at the seams?
When all along…
Just there…. at your fingertips…
An entire regime?


La Fée
© Odyne La Fée 2018



Now You Shudder


Oh how you roll from the back of my tongue

An endless question, barely begun


Like spinning wheels and galaxies

Like a rapturous disease

Or an unease

To plague my mind, body, and soul

Goddamn, how your eyes take their toll…

And those demons they extol…

Come now… it’s like a siren song

That devil horn, that unholy gong

Callin me from my seaward home

With that dark-worded tome

Those sinister sounds

That tear the Dark Fae from their mounds

And oh how she arose

To feast upon your mighty woes

Such tender flesh made rent

A lifetime you have spent

Building up those walls

Tell me, how fast they crumble with each of your squalls

My tender bud, my wilting flower

Now’s the time you give up that power

You never really had

Cuz thinkin so’s just gone-on and made ya sad

My devil dog, my ferocious beast

Ain’t it time you sat down to this feast?


La Fée


 ©  Odyne La Fée 2018






Wild Ocean Tides

Wild Ocean Tides

A sweet embrace is a hollow grave

it’s something darker that I crave

Dead already, I can hardly feel

I need magic to spin, and make me reel

I need the shadows in your eyes

I need, and want you in every guise

So turn off that preacher, we know he lied

Turn off that politician and his fetishes decried

I want your demons, and the secrets they hold

I want your passions, both dangerous and bold

I need to have you, just as I please

So I’ll drag you out to violent seas

where you can rip, and tear, and beat your wings

until shaking and quaking your heart sings

On a ship, left adrift, there’s nothing too far

love should be wild and bizarre

But stuck in the harbor, life quickly becomes tragic

So instead, I go in search of your dark of magic

Because wild and unsure, I’ll never be demure

and to ration my passion, well… that would be such an unseemly fashion

So I’ll don the darkness, and all that it hides

out here among the wild ocean tides


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018





He Craves

A smothering embrace

And every thought my whip can erase

He Hungers

To lose control

To come apart as a whole

He Yearns

For that evil intent

Until every drop of him is spent

He Cries

For sweet release

And to be my final masterpiece

Back arched, knees bent

Forgotten is the rent

Head down, hands barred

His tender flesh forever marred

Stiff neck, aching side

How he loves

Every pleasure he’s denied


La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018

Caught My Eye

man heaving rope

It’s so very hard to look away

when a man’s masculinity is on display, at play;

a thousand times a day

holding me in sway, until upon him I prey.

Or until another one has me undone,

unsprung, my sharp tongue unwrung.

And suddenly I’m once again chasing the frictions,

of my predilections.

And the inflictions of my indomitable conflictions

have got me dreaming, and scheming,

about a strong man that needs a good reaming;

until mad with desire he finds he’s finally creaming

that seething.

But don’t forget… it’s me that’s still teething.

So soon I’ll find another one, that fits like a glove

all the fantasies I’ve yet to dream of, conceive of.

Could this one be real love,

with his perfect eyes, and tender thighs?  A variety of sighs

he’d realize, if only he’d give in, to my particular brand of sin.

Or until another one’s caught my eye, as he passes on by,

and with a wink, and a slink, and suddenly I can’t think.

And so I follow, and tell him I’ll swallow

all his pretty lies,

with my inglorious cries.

La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018

That Midnight Ride

country road


That midnight ride, out into the country side, when you thought you were all alone, I was there. 

Like that whispered dream at morning’s seam, or that tenderness you could never quite place. 

That gentle gale, that mysterious perfumed inhale, why even that trepidation upon your lips… oh my darling, it was always the ghost of my hips.

How deep in your belly, a bowl full of jelly, whenever you looked upon my face, cuz you knew, deep in your bones, in all those yet unheard moans, I was the one to unravel you. 

My love, mi amore, my ravenous conquistador.


La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018

Cricket Song

Van Gogh - Angler und Boote an der Pont de ClichyI call out your name, but not in despair, never in despair.  For you are my boy of summer, my sunshine, my days of plenty.

No, I cry out your name with all the radiance of a newly-formed star, with all the glory of a Parisian springtime in bloom, with all the reverence the moon holds for the sun, and he too for her in return.

Why, from the tip of my tongue to the back of my throat, you are there, the wind of change and the flame of eternity melding into one.

From the bottom of my soles to the tip of my head, every nerve singing its song of ecstasy and love, crying out your name, for all the world to hear.

La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018

What Pain

El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) (Greek, 1541 – 1614), Laocoön, c. 1610/1614, oil on canvas, Samuel H. Kress Collection 1946.18.1


What pain lies beneath

that molten lava twisting in your eyes?


What pain is it

that draws from each breath

a cacophony of sighs?


What anguish is it

that beckons me like a siren,

pulling me from my icy grave,

my upturned stone,

my pirate enclave?


Why must I crawl out upon this land,

some terrible plight,

some heinous rite?

Or is it just a man who’s forgotten how to stand?


Why now, crippled in pain, do you come

upon your knees,

if not to cauterize a wound that’s begun to rot,

if not to once more see the man

the world forgot?


La Fée

Draw From You


Sucked, like venom from a wound,
I draw from you
the rage you’ve worn like skin.
And oh, hasn’t it chafed until you
couldn’t possibly let anyone in.
Finger-tip to finger-tip
I breathe it all in,
the dust, the rust, the
compelling you to combust;
until without a shell,
without that pre-supposed hell…
you’re all shiny and new.
How long since you met you?
And still I suck,
drawing poison from a well…
all those morals and judgements
that lined your prison cell.
Isn’t it time your false idols fell?
What lies beneath is the man I want
to behold,
for beneath
is a story
to be told.

La Fée


I came upon you dreaming


I came upon you dreaming, yet an angel I am not

so verily I slipped between the sheets to steal  your wayward thoughts

To mine, and mine alone

I made them, and turned them

and watched as they have grown

Oh you sweet, sweet man, how could you ever have known?

I came upon you breathing, that sweet, naked-breath of dawn

so verily I vowed to create a dark and terrible pawn

By tooth, by tongue

by a sinister grace

ounce by ounce my darkness you embraced

But you were naive to think my appetite could ever be outpaced.

So I left you seething, and full of that terrible need

I left you entrenched in that slick and sultry greed

But if you find me


this hunger I’ll feed

La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018