Your Everything

CheersBlindConfusion (2)Joaquin Allen – Cheers Blind Confusion

Show me darling, your everything,
for this is your perfect offering;
For into you I’ll pour all that I feel;
I’m not made of steel.

And that longing in your eyes,
Why, I’ll replace it with your ardent cries.
And through the pain, darling,
I’ll bring you the pouring rain.

Show me love, your everything,
for this is your perfect offering,
for there is nothing you can conceal,
and nothing I can’t make you feel

And all your desperate cries,
honey… they are the ultimate prize.

So beg, and plead, get down on your knees,
cry out your rapturous pleas.

Cuz I’ll take you, and break you,
and devour your heart.
Come on baby, this is where it starts.

So open your mind, and I’ll deliver your soul,
and in the pain you’ll find all the treasure life stole.

Take a deep breath…
it only hurts for a moment.
This my love… this is My atonement.

And this kiss of pain, it’s meant for pleasure,
and in it you’ll finally find your true measure

Naked and on the floor, tied to the door,
can you feel it?
Your utter distress?
With it I’ll make you confess…

That hunger you feel… only pain makes it surreal.
And all your anger and hate… only pain makes it abate;

so beg, and plead, and get down on your knees;
and with every bite discover   La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018