Came for… me

broken cass statue

When night came for

innocence, I turned my head to the right,

for I thought to keep it out of sight.


When cold-steel claimed

naivety, well… I buried each scream in song;

for wrought in melody

can anything be

entirely wrong.


When the bitter winds stole

surety, why… I turned my trembling to hate;

for only then did it truly abate.


But when the shadows consumed

sweetness, when not even an ounce of it did survive,

why… twas then darlin’… La Fée came alive.




La Fée


©  Odyne La Fée 2018

Antithesis of Death

I’ve seen the death you cradle in your eyes, and I know that nothing can soothe its god-awful cries
A phantasm longed for, yet repulsed just the same, it’s the darkness that brings only loneliness and shame
This hunger for blood, this hunger for pain, why it’s the demon that drives you out into the pouring rain
Yet there is a place where death goes to die, a place where a man can face all that he’d deny
A darkness as natural as the roots beneath your feet, a darkness filled with the sweetest of heat
And here in its womb you’ll find a natural fit, the antithesis of death, this primordial split


La Fée

©  Odyne La Fée 2018

Blade of War

Danny Quirk - (De)Facing P.T.S.D..png

I have woken into darkness; a part, not unlike the whole,

yet still wholly lacking, even cracking, yet never slacking, despite the shackling.

I woke to bitter tenderness; just another victim in this vast wilderness of war,

these endless, ceaseless hostilities that bury me though I still breathe.

And into this vast ocean of empathy I sink, and seethe.

Because there is nothing they can do for a part, never again to be made whole;

indelible, immutable, irrefutable blade of war

now shattered and broken, a pile of pieces upon the floor.


La Fée 2014